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Ben and Jess – Wollongong Wedding


The first thing I noticed when arriving for this wedding coverage was Ben’s missing mow! I got to Ben’s house right on the beach at Shellharbour to photograph the boys getting ready. We had a chance to grab some beach photos before getting driven away by the rain.

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After many laughing moments I bolted off to the girl’s house, I knew exactly where it was after shooting Jesse’s sister’s wedding a few months earlier. After spending an hour there photographing beautiful Jess in her wedding gown it was time for the girls to board the Clipper Limousine wedding bus and head off to Wollongong’s St.

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As usual both Ben and Jess looked a little nervous in the church , however a few jokes from the priest soften the mood a little. After a loud congratulations from family and wedding guests it was time to head off on the Clipper Limousine wedding bus for the location photos up in the Wollongong escarpement.

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Ben and Jess love the vintage wedding style so I thought it was well worth the drive up the hill, usually with Wollongong wedding photography I’m off to the lighthouse or beach so it was great they were open to my ideas. Upon arrival they loved it we took shots around old falling down buildings, huge trees and used the retro look of the Clipper Limousine for added vintage effect. Unfortunately the rain stopped our photo shoot just before we had to head back to City Beach Function Centre for the wedding reception.

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Thanks to Ben and Jess for having me I’ll definitely see you around and hopefully snag some of your friend’s upcoming weddings.

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