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The Sebel Harbourside Kiama Wedding – Brendan and Chloe

Wow what a day photographing Brendan and Chloe’s Kiama wedding. It was pouring rain pretty much every time we jumped into the Clipper Limousine to get to our favourite Kiama photo locations. Then pretty much as soon as we stepped out the rain backed off, in fact an amazing rainbow was created late afternoon for Chloe to have some photographs in her wedding dress with her favourite horse. Brendan had also organized an old air force plane which created some memories which won’t be forgotten. Chloe got ready at ‘The Pines’ guest house and hopefully didn’t get too itchy in her wedding dress while laying on some hay bails with her bridesmaids for some photos. The wedding reception was at the Sebel Harbourside, Kiama.

Congratulations on the wedding and I hope you enjoy your wedding photographs.


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