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Elizabeth and Daniel

Butterfactory weddings are great, I especially love photographing the wedding ceremony with the old 19th century building in the background. This building

has been transformed into a stunning modern south coast wedding reception venue situated on 2 acres in a quaint pretty village near Nowra known as Jindyandy Mill. It can host up to 150 guests and was perfect for what Elizabeth and Daniel wanted for their south coast wedding.


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After the wedding ceremony I took them to a farm I knew of right near an essaywritingplace old silo where we took some amazingly natural wedding photos, with the couple strolling through the fields capturing the cool surrounds of the old farm. As a south coast wedding photographer I’m truly blessed with great photo locations.

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I’m pretty impressed by the photo of their wedding car throwing up dust speeding off into the sunset as I took it out the window of my car with one hand while travelling at about 80 clicks.

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South Coast Wedding photography by David Paillas.

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