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Jamberoo Wedding “Villa Doro” Nat and Jono

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Spent the afternoon with Jono driving around looking for suitable farm locations and after a few rough roads finally found the perfect location for some great wedding photos.

blog-nat-5 blog-nat-6 blog-nat-7 blog-nat-8 blog-nat-9 blog-nat-10 blog-nat-11 blog-nat-12 blog-nat-13blog-nat-14 blog-nat-15 blog-nat-16 blog-nat-17 blog-nat-18 blog-nat-19 blog-nat-20 blog-nat-21 blog-nat-22 blog-nat-23 blog-nat-24 blog-nat-25 blog-nat-26 blog-nat-27 blog-nat-28 blog-nat-29 blog-nat-30 blog-nat-31Nat especially asked for a nice photo with a tree. Finding the tree wasn’t a problem , I have many I’ve used over the years photographing weddings in the area and my wife and I had our photos at this giant fig tree which sits on top of a hill somewhere out the back of Jamberoo. The bridal party had fun venturing through long grass and over old stone walls with their best bush walking high heels.

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After the photo shoot the Clipper Limousine Wedding bus took the bridal party to Villa Doro reception centre where guests were filled with yummy wedding food. I must say this place knows how to put on a delicious spread. Outrageous dance moves then started to take place on the Villa Doro dance floor.

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I look forward to building Nat and Jono’s wedding album. David Paillas Photography on instagram