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Kara and James


For this wedding we began in Shellharbour where the bride got ready, a little nervous at first Kara soon relaxed and we captured Kara’s beauty of her personality and her stunning looks before heading off to a Kiama cliff top for her ceremony. It was a location I had known about and recommended to her many months beforehand, right on the edge of the ocean. With no wind around it was the perfect place for a ceremony, out of the way, looking onto the ocean, and a distant view of the Kiama lighthouse.

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I took these two to a number of my favourite places around Kiama and then off to an old farm I have permission to use for wedding photos. All these places are so close , that’s the beauty of a Kiama wedding everything is so close you’ve just got to know where to go and after 26 years of doing wedding photos in Kiama and the South Coast I know every nook and cranny.

Vizor-267 Vizor-268KJ-comp-06 Vizor-274 Vizor-278 Vizor-284 Vizor-286 Vizor-287 Vizor-289 Vizor-291 Vizor-292 Vizor-293 Vizor-312 Vizor-315 Vizor-317 Vizor-321 Vizor-322 Vizor-323 Vizor-327 Vizor-329 Vizor-330 Vizor-343 Vizor-344 Vizor-350 Vizor-351 Vizor-352 Vizor-368 Vizor-369 Vizor-371 Vizor-373 Vizor-378 Vizor-383 Vizor-385 Vizor-386 Vizor-390 Vizor-391 Vizor-392 Vizor-397 Vizor-398 Vizor-399 Vizor-402 Vizor-403 Vizor-405 Vizor-406 Vizor-407 Vizor-409 Vizor-410 Vizor-411 Vizor-412 Vizor-413 Vizor-414 Vizor-416 Vizor-418

We headed back to the ocean for some sunset shots then to the Kiama Sebel Harbourside for a few drinks and a bite to eat.

Vizor-422 Vizor-423 Vizor-426 Vizor-430 Vizor-431 Vizor-432

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