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Leisha and Aaron’s Cook Islands Wedding

Destination weddings are a favourite of mine as I have been a keen backpacker for years having travelled to the most remote places. It’s kind of weird to me to be overseas in a resort and not in a cheap $5 a night room. To be flown to the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort to work in the Cook Islands was kind of nice as you can see by the photos.


Jackson-6 Jackson-13 Jackson-15 Jackson-17 Jackson-19 Jackson-22 Jackson-26 Jackson-33 Jackson-40 Jackson-41 Jackson-51 Jackson-54 Jackson-59 Jackson-68 Jackson-70 Jackson-73 Jackson-79 Jackson-88 Jackson-96 Jackson-102 Jackson-116 Jackson-134 Jackson-139 Jackson-149 Jackson-154 Jackson-155 Jackson-197 Jackson-199 Jackson-201 Jackson-206 Jackson-214 Jackson-220 Jackson-222 Jackson-225 Jackson-229 Jackson-230 Jackson-234 Jackson-241 Jackson-250 Jackson-256 Jackson-268 Jackson-269 Jackson-271 Jackson-278 Jackson-293 Jackson-297 Jackson-305  Jackson-316 Jackson-326 Jackson-332 Jackson-333 Jackson-338 Jackson-340 Jackson-341 Jackson-342 Jackson-344 Jackson-355 Jackson-358 Jackson-362 Jackson-374 Jackson-375 Jackson-381 Jackson-384 Jackson-387 Jackson-388 Jackson-389 Jackson-393 Jackson-395 Jackson-400 Jackson-401 Jackson-408 Jackson-417 Jackson-421 Jackson-423 Jackson-424 Jackson-430 Jackson-432 Jackson-436 Jackson-437 Jackson-439 Jackson-467 Jackson-483 Jackson-487 Jackson-494 Jackson-503 Jackson-514 Jackson-527 Jackson-535 Jackson-538 Jackson-540 Jackson-544 Jackson-551 Jackson-562 Jackson-564 Jackson-570 Jackson-571 Jackson-575 Jackson-580 Jackson-582 Jackson-583 Jackson-589 Jackson-606 Jackson-607 Jackson-614 Jackson-615 Jackson-621 Jackson-622 Jackson-626 Jackson-632 Jackson-634 Jackson-637 Jackson-639 Jackson-655 Jackson-660 Jackson-671 Jackson-672 Jackson-679 Jackson-682 Jackson-684 Jackson-690 Jackson-692 Jackson-697 Jackson-699 Jackson-705